The Making Of Scout and Proud

Scout and Proud was originally started by Fenham Ranger Unit when 4 members (who were also members of a Scout Network Unit), and their leader were chosen to work at the 17th New Zealand Jamboree in 2004. Fed up with doing bag packing and other fundraising, which just wasn’t raising enough money, the unit chose to come up with a unique idea which would raise enough money for all five to go to the Jamboree.

The unit decided that they would like to make a trendier t-shirt for Scouts to wear at camps and other events, which they could sell to raise money. Their leader came up with the slogan ‘Scout and Proud’ and they searched local printers to find someone who could print them a few at a time, so the unit members could sell the t-shirt at Scout events they were attending throughout 2004.

After each event the t-shirts had sold out and pre-orders had to be taken to meet the demand for more. The idea really took off, and after the summer a website was launched to sell the t-shirts and then hoodies as well online.

Four years later and the four girls plus their leader are still involved with both Scouting and Guiding and have launched ‘Guide with Pride’ t-shirts and hoodies as well. The money from the sale of the ranges still supports the unit but also many other projects too.

Projects that the unit have supported over the four years include:

• Supporting the King Jesus School, an orphanage in Ghana, which some of the unit members helped to build.

• Grants to help other Districts send members to the World Scout Jamboree in 2007 (Districts were chosen through a prize draw)

• Helping with a primary healthcare project in Mityana in Uganda

• Sending members of the Scout Network to the Mafeking Moot in South Africa

• Sending a member of the Scout Network to the 18th New Zealand Jamboree

• Helping to send Scout Networks, Explorers, Rangers, Young Leaders and Leaders to EuroJam in 2005, both as participants and staff

• Helping with Northumberland Scout County Gifts for Peace Project at a school in Bogota, Colombia

• Supporting school children in Newcastle to build a school in Costa Rica

• Donating money to a Bill Quay Community Farm in Gateshead

Of course the money that is raised still helps to support the activities of Fenham Ranger Unit, Fenham Explorer Unit and Central Newcastle Network, whose hard fundraising efforts over the four years have helped to make the Scout and Proud and Guide with Pride logos such a success.

Thank you to everyone who has helped by buying a t-shirt or other item from us – as you can see the funds that we have raised have not gone to waste and we hope that we can continue to support a wide variety of projects both in our local community or around the world.

Vix Wallis
Unit Leader, Fenham Rangers and Fenham Explorers